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Aviation Connection : Aeronautical Training Program (ATP)

Aviation, space: THE FUTURE! inspire and motivate students to excel in their studies. The ATP is the ideal solution to enrich the scientific culture of young people and to interest them in science and technology.

The Aeronautics Training Program (ATP) brings vitality to education, particularly in mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

PFA facilitates the integration of young people into vocational training programs.

PASSION is the driving force behind the program

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The ATP allows students to build a knowledge base and sectoral skills

The ATP introduces students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through aviation through course syllabuses using a virtual simulator program. Software allows students to perform mechanical and structural modifications on aircraft that they first learned to fly virtually.
Aviation Connection provides free course syllabuses, software, flight simulators and engages trainers for theory courses. Science teachers collaborate in the program by integrating the material learned in the classroom according to the level of the students.
Using the hybrid, theoretical and practical format, the ATP allows students to enter the aviation world by learning the basic principles and theory of flight, the components of the aircraft, the propulsion system and building materials.
The ATP is the ideal platform to develop good communication skills through teamwork dynamics while performing different tasks and using a variety of tools and equipment.
Through the ATP, students will discover the scientific world and be motivated to meet the prerequisites: mastery of mathematics and science as well as English.

The strengths of the Program

– Raises the interest and curiosity that motivates learning and encourages students to make efforts in a natural context and

– Generates positive emotions and interest in otherwise neglected subjects: science and mathematics, physics.

– Contextualization approaches create links with the external life of the school: Interaction with business leaders
local and aerospace industry leaders as well as specialized technical colleges

– builds confidence through enjoyable experiences and small successes that contribute to the student’s growth in a
critical period of his personal development.

– The ATP is FREE and accessible to all without prerequisites. The ATP offers 170 hours of training and focuses on the relationship between
a solid STEM educational program and a successful career.

– The ATP conveys knowledge. It stresses the importance of setting goals, developing plans to achieve these goals, and
understand the need to develop skills in science and mathematics, essential materials that allow
access to interesting careers in the aeronautics sector.

– The ATP inspires teachers who collaborate in the program.

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