St-Laurent High School

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St-Laurent High school students grade 1 and 2 will have access to the Aeronautics Training Program offered free of charge, extra-curricular activity starting in September 2018.

The Aeronautical Training Program at St. Laurent High School is made possible thanks to the participation of 3 major partners:

1. St-Laurent Economic Development
2. Bombardier
3. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)

The Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) offered to students at École St-Laurent is a fascinating introduction to science and technology and the world of aerospace

The program is based on learning the main aerodynamic principles developed in engineering and offers high school students 1-5 a series of 5 courses over a 3-year period.

The curriculum exploits the efficiency of didactic informatics and computer simulations: graphic design, then Aero-design, as well as virtual piloting. Students learn through an experience-based approach: they train with simulators and participate in the design of unmanned aircraft.

Students fly a virtual airplane to study scientific concepts such as energy and forces acting on an aircraft and provide an introduction to variables such as aircraft performance and maneuverability.

Simulation Stations: There are 5-8 simulators (1 position for 2 students). The number varies according to the demand.
The simulators are installed in an AERO LAB in the room: _________

A beautiful adventure!
Aircraft restoration project: An aircraft will soon be assigned to the school's restoration project

Registration information will be posted soon on the school's facebook page: School/