Mirabel High School
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Avianor, Airbus, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney unite with the City of Mirabel
AIRBUS, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney and Avianor join the City of Mirabel to offer the Aviation Training Program to all students at Mirabel High School.

If Mayor Jean Bouchard sees big for his city he sees big for the young people of Mirabel. Aviation Connection’s Aviation Training Program is aligned with its vision of making Mirabel an economic leader.

EExceptional environment in which students develop

Leading aerospace industry leaders have also chosen Mirabel for its undeniable benefits. Mirabel has several flagships on its territory, such as Bell Helicopter Textron, Pratt & Whitney, Bombardier, Messier-Dowty, Technicolor, and many others that allow it to pursue a balanced evolution while retaining its charm, charm and tranquility .

Mirabel High School offers an exceptional environment in which high school students can thrive supported by a team of young and dynamic teachers.

Nathalie Flamand, Director of Mirabel High School, is determined to give her students all the tools they need to succeed, starting with the offer of stimulating extracurricular activities that meet the needs of students who want to excel. Science and Mathematics teacher herself, Ms. Flamand recognizes the benefits of ATP that stimulates students in learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

“The secondary, must be a beautiful and unforgettable experience” says Mrs. Flamand.

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Donations contribute to build the future of young people and create a community project that will bring great pride. Aviation Connection charity status allows the organization to issue official receipts to private donors and corporations.