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January 2018, École secondaire Massey-Vanier High School is the first school to offer the Aeronautics Training Program free of charge to high school students ..

The Massey-Vanier ATP was made possible thanks to the support of the City of Cowansville, the Val-des-Cerfs School Board, the Nova Science Government program and the Ministry of Education’s program for perseverance as well as the support of the MRC Brome-Missisquoi.

The Launch of the Aeronautical Training Program at the Massey-Vanier High School in Cowansville, Quebec took place during the Bromont airshow in September of 2018 in presence of Mr. Fauteux, Mayor of Cowansville, School Principals: Julie Edwards and Jean Luc Pitre, Deputy Director of the Val-Des-Cerfs School Board and several students from Massey-Vanier High School.

During a press conference, the PA16 aircraft, destined to the school, was unveiled to the media: Radio Canada Télé Estrie and journalists of La Voix de l’Est (see attached links below)

Massey-Vanier is the incubator of this unique program. This is a first in North America: a success!
We owe this program to the dynamic school director Mr. Jean-Luc Pitre with the support of mrs. Edwards ETS High school director, both contribute the facility and resources to put this unique program in place.

The first AERO LAB in North America! A plane in the school!

Six flight simulators and a small PA16 aircraft in working order are introduced in the school thanks to the help of mechanics, Goulet aviation of Bromont.

The aircraft, a small 1947 PA16 issued from a donation to Aviation Connection, will be the object of a restoration project by students in collaboration with certified Bromont mechanics and volunteers.

The aircraft will leave the AERO LAB in April to its workshop where the work will be carried out.

In January 2018, sixty students from the Anglophone side (Eastern Township School Board) and French side (Val-des-Cerfs School Board) combined registered to the ATP program

In May of 2018, 15 students qualified to start the AERO 2-3 : design and construction of a CARGO RC aircraft that will be the object of a competition in September of 2019. The winning team will receive the FORTIS AWARD and a grant of $5000 will be allocated.

In September 2018, the ATP is introduced in the Robotic program as Robotic/Aeronautic: a total of 60 students of Robotics attended the ATP course during the school hours. Another 15 attended the ATP extracurricular program provided as well.

You can follow the progress of the Massey-Vanier ATP program on facebook (videos and photos).

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Donations contribute to build the future of young people and create a community project that will bring great pride. Aviation Connection charity status allows the organization to issue official receipts to private donors and corporations.