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The Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School

Farnham, July 10, Farnham City Council members vote in favor of a support for the establishment of the Aeronautics Training Program at Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School. A wind of dynamism has been blowing in Farnham since the arrival of the new Mayor Patrick Melchior, who describes himself as a man of action. Already very involved with young people because of his role as director of the Bedford Youth Center, the Mayor knows the issues and the importance of encouraging school perseverance and supporting young people in their journey towards a promising future.

Strongly encouraged by the recommendations of Mr. Gaétan Brault, Director of the Farnham School, Mr. Melchior and his advisors, supported the program that in place this September 2018. 

There are now 3 schools of the Val-des-Cerfs School Board that benefit from the Aeronautics Training Program.

The Aerospace Training program at Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School is made possible thanks to the support of the City of Farnham and 2 partners who will be announced soon.

Jean-Jacques Bertrand School celebrates 50 years!

The school opened its doors to the first students in September 1969.

Since then, the school has made its mark in several areas: Exellence in student’s academic results, performance in sports, performance of harmony, team performance, ’génies en herbe’, performance in arts ‘winner of several local contests’, winners in oral and written expression of the Optimist Club competitions….

The school stood out thanks to the commitment, dedication and skill of its staff who knew how to communicate to students the desire to always do their best to achieve excellence.

Introduction to science, technology and the world of aerospace

Mr. Brault, Director of the Jean-Jacques Bertrand School, is pleased to endow his students with a program that is a fascinating introduction to science, technology and the world of aerospace.

Teachers will benefit from access to an AERO LAB that stimulates students to learn more complex subjects: Science, Technology and Mathematics. The program is based on learning the main aerodynamic principles developed in engineering.

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Donations contribute to build the future of young people and create a community project that will bring great pride. Aviation Connection charity status allows the organization to issue official receipts to private donors and corporations.