President’s Word

Hello everyone and welcome!

The Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) motivates students to enjoy and learn Science, Mathematics and Technology through a ‘hands on’ challenging activity.

The ATP introduces young people to aeronautics, engineering and allows them to discover the many career opportunities available in these sectors. The ATP inspires teachers who collaborate in the program; it focuses on the relationship between a solid science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education program and a successful career.

It also highlights the importance of setting goals, developing plans to achieve those goals, and understanding the need to develop competences in science and mathematics, essential assets to access meaningful careers. The program also makes it possible to recruit and integrate more students originating from minority background.

By developing an interest in aviation among young people at an early age, the ATP contributes to the development of a skilled workforce sought by employers.

Our schools play a vital role in the future of our society. They are the incubators of tomorrow’s workforce. It is time for us to recognize the importance of their mission: businesses, governments and the general public must make the necessary efforts to enhance their role and help them develop strategies to increase the chances of their students.

Québec faces an important productivity challenge and recruitment handicap due to accelerated aging of its population. By stimulating education, we are helping to enhance the ability of our companies to compete and stand out in domestic and international markets. It is the key to prosperity for all, especially for those regions taking the lead.

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Camil Dumont
Aviation Connection (La société)
President and Founder