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Aviation Connection charity status allows the organization to issue official receipts to private donors and corporations.

What are the benefits?

Tax credits for donations:

For individuals, the tax credit for donations is in the form of a non-refundable tax credit and is claimed on line 349 on schedule 1 of the Federal Tax return (Provincial line 596). Credits vary depending on the Province. On average, between 39.75% and 53% of the donation value represents the amount of non-refundable tax credit to be claimed.

For corporations, fiscal advantages can be very rewarding depending on the Province. Donations have also the advantage of improving the brand image at low cost.

Other important considerations:

Donations contribute to build the future of young people and create a community project that will bring great pride.

Donations can be made in cash or in kind (aircraft, equipment, buildings, etc.)Terms and conditions applying to donations associated with donor’s specific requests

Aviation Connection accepts donations without restrictions and donations directed to a particular program or for a specific purpose provided that the donations are in line with the mission, values, objectives and priorities of the organization. Some donations can be assigned to specific Aviation Connection programs or directed to a mission to alleviate poverty in accordance with Aviation Connection Mission.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I wish to donate an aircraft. How should I proceed?

Fill in the electronic form and click submit. You should receive a call within 24 hours.
You can also send an email to providing a short description of the aircraft : Type, year, approximate value.

You will receive a call from our office within 24 hours to discuss the donation and establish the procedure from there. You can always call, we will be happy to discuss and answer your questions: 450 969 2247

How do you determine the value of the donation indicated on the tax receipt?

A certified appraiser is assigned to determine the value of the donation in accordance with the market value and based on the product condition at the time of the donation. The amount indicated on the tax receipt reflects the market value whether it is in working condition or for recycling purpose (sale of scrap metal), or parts. If you feel that the appraisal is lower than the market value, you can submit a counter evaluation made by certified appraiser of your choice. The evaluation will be adjusted accordingly.

My aircraft is in poor condition and does not start. Will you accept it?

Yes, but depending on the region and site, there may be a preparation cost or additional pick up costs depending on the condition and the location. This will be discussed during our telephone evaluation.

Do I transfer ownership of the vehicle to the Aviation Company Connection?

Yes. A designated appraiser will be in contact with you to determine the value of the donation and will arrange with you to complete all necessary documents to process the Transfer.

As an Estate executor can I donate ?

Yes, upon presentation of a copy of the Will or power of attorney.

Do you accept donations other than aircraft?

Yes, especially in the case of equipment or parts that can be used in school projects, ie tools, simulators, computers, aircraft parts, containers, trailers, sheds, etc We also accept services as donations such as space rental and other services allocated to a project.

Will my aircraft be sold?

The decision to sell an aircraft is based on the operational status and type / model of the aircraft. In some cases, it is impossible to use a certain type of aircraft as part of a reconstruction project, so it is sold to facilitate the implementation of a reconstruction project or given to a charity that will use it to help people in danger and relieve poverty in poor and remote areas.

Should I cancel my insurance before donating my aircraft?

No. The insurance must be canceled only after taking possession.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

Your receipt will be issued after obtaining the evaluation document and a mechanical inspection if necessary.

What is the purpose of the proceeds from the sale of donated aircraft?

They are used to fund the Aerospace Training Programs we set up in high schools in Canada. The funds are also used to provide equipment, software and human resources as well as to provide technical support for each Program.