JH Leclerc High School

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The students of J. H. Leclerc are proud to be supported by important players in the development of the region and the field of new technologies at the global level.

The Aeronautics Training Program at J. Leclerc High School is made possible thanks to the participation of 3 major partners

1. City of Granby: Industrial Granby
2. Safran (Patronage), France
3. Aviation Connection (The company)

Safran, headquartered in France, is an international high-technology group operating in the fields of propulsion and aeronautical equipment, space and defense. Operating on every continent, the Group employs more than 58,000 people.

The City of Granby through its Industrial Park, has the mission to support existing manufacturing companies in their growth, their needs, their stakes and their projects. High-performance companies, located in the Industrial Park, stand out in the aeronautics and advanced technology sector in Granby: ATLAS Aeronautik, NSE-Automatech and A7 Integration, Avior, Fives and others.
For the industry, for the city of Granby, ensuring specialized manpower is important, which is why this program plays an important role in the development of the region.

The Aeronautics Training Program (ATP) offered at J. H. Leclerc is a fascinating introduction to aeronautics and science.

.The curriculum is based on learning the main aerodynamic principles developed in Engineering. The PFA Curriculum offers secondary school students a series of courses over 3 years.

Their presentation exploits the efficiency of didactic computing and computer simulations: Conceptual Design, then Aero-design, as well as virtual piloting. Students learn through an experiment-based approach and practice with simulators and remote-controlled aircraft design.

Students fly a virtual airplane to study scientific concepts such as energy and forces acting on an aircraft and provide an introduction to variables such as aircraft performance and maneuverability.

Simulation stations:
A number of 5-8 flight simulators (1 post per 2 students). The number varies according to the request. The simulators are installed in an AERO LAB in the room: _________


This plane, will be a restoration project accompanying the Program.

A great adventure ahead ! For 3 years, students will work as a team, during holidays and week ends, to make this plane as good as new and will see it fly ! at the end the plane will be sold to generate funding for the next project...