Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School

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Students levels 1 to 5 at Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School in Farnham will have access to the Aeronautical Training Program, offered free of charge as an extracurricular activity in September 2018.

This program is made possible thanks to the involvement of the city of Farnham and 2 partners who will be announced soon.

Jean-Jacques Bertrand High School celebrates 50 years!

It opened its doors to the first students in September 1969. Since then, the school has made its mark in several areas: performance examinations of the Ministry, performance in sports, music, performance teams of ''Génies en Herbe", winners in arts for various Caisses Populaires contests, winners in oral and written expression of the Optimist Club competitions. The school stood out thanks to the involvement, dedication and skill of its staff who knew how to communicate to students the desire to always do their best to achieve excellence.

Mr. Brault, Director of the Jean-Jacques Bertrand School, is pleased to provide his students with a program that is a fascinating introduction to science, technology and the world of aerospace.

Mr. Brault is convinced that this program will be very popular.

Teachers will benefit from access to an AERO LAB that stimulates students to learn more complex subjects: science, technology and mathematics. The program is based on the main aerodynamic principles developed in engineering. The ATP offers high school students 1-5 a series of 5 courses over a 3-year period.

The curriculum exploits the efficiency of didactic informatics and computer simulations: graphic design, then aero-design, as well as virtual flying. Students learn through an experience-based approach: they train with simulators and participate in the design of unmanned aircraft.

Students fly a virtual airplane to study scientific concepts such as energy and forces acting on an aircraft and provide an introduction to variables such as aircraft performance and maneuverability.

Simulation stations:
5-8 simulators (1 position for 2 students). The number varies according to demand. The simulators are installed in an AERO LAB in the room: _________

Aircraft restoration project: A great adventure!

A small plane will soon be assigned to the restoration project of J. J. Bertrand School.

The students will have 3 years to refurbish an airplane, a donation from Aviation Connection. This project is part of the program. The plane will be sold when the restoration is complete and the funds raised will be used to finance a second project.

Registration details will soon be posted on the school's website.

For any information about the program contact:
Catherine Tobenas
Tel: 450 969 2247