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Aviation Connection Aeronautical Training Program

We know for a fact that aviation inspires and motivates students to excel in their studies. The Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) is the perfect solution to reach out to High School students across Canada and introduce them to science.

Aviation Connection works in partnership with public schools, municipalities, governments and aerospace partners.

The Aviation Training Program (ATP) brings vitality to education, particularly in mathematics, science, engineering and technology. It promotes excellence in studies through an exciting project and facilitates the integration of students into vocational training programs.

The ATP aims to reduce dropout and social dependency and guides young people towards specializations that will enable them to see a better future.

The ATP introduces students to the following subjects: science, technology, engineering and mathematics through aviation with a syllabus of courses using a virtual simulator program. This allows students to perform mechanical and structural modifications on an aircraft that they first learn to fly virtually. Aviation Connection provides a free course syllabus, simulator program, flight simulators and hires teachers for theoretical courses. An aircraft, made available to students by Aviation Connection, is used to apply the knowledge gained during class in real time.

The ATP offered by Aviation Connection enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating, and to learn about: Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics in conjunction with the Aircraft Building Curriculum.

Using a hybrid format of academic and applied practices, the ATP introduces High Schools students to the world of Aviation by demonstrating the basic principles and theory of flight, the components of the aircraft, the propulsion system, construction materials, meteorology, air navigation and airmanship.

The ATP is the perfect platform to develop good communication skills through the dynamic of teamwork performing different tasks and using a variety of tools and equipment. Finally, students will learn more about the opportunities and requirements of aviation and aerospace careers.

With the ATP, students will discover the scientific world and will be motivated to meet the requirements in mathematics, science and English.

Aviation Connection works with partners interested in supporting education and developing a specialized workforce.