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Aéroport Roland Désourdy (Bromont), Sunday October 1st – Massey-Vanier takes flight!

Several volunteer pilots gave the Massey-Vanier High-School students an extraordinary experience: an initiation flight.

Enrollment in the program is well underway. We are pleased with the success of this program and, above all, to discover that there is a great deal of interest in aeronautics among young people aged 14-15. A critical age to guide them to interesting careers in aeronautics.

Aviation Connection is on track to reach the expected number of students and we will certainly have to adjust that number beyond the 45 originally planned.

We would like to extend a warm THANK YOU to the volunteer pilots (from left to right):
Camil Dumont (Aviation Connection), José Fernandez (Polytechnique), Pierre Dumont (Aircraft mecanic Bromont), Ian Brown (EAA - Expérimental Aircraft Association) and, not in this picture, Luc Bouffard from Cowansville.

Media Coverage:

Eastern Townships, September 27th, 2017 – Recognition of Excellence

At the last meeting of the Eastern Township Board of Trustees, Aviation Connection (La Société) was recognized and congratulated for its accomplishment in the development of the Aeronautical Training Program at the Massey Vanier school for students of secondary 3.

Bromont Airport, September 16th 2017 – Press Conference

Launch of the Aeronautical Training Program at the Massey-Vanier High School in Cowansville, Quebec. in presence of Mr. Fauteux, Mayor of Cowansville, School Principals: Julie Edwards and Jean Luc Pitre, Deputy Director of the Val-Des-Cerfs School Board and several students from Massey-Vanier High School.

At the press conference, the PA16 aircraft, destined to the school, was unveiled to the media: Radio Canada Télé Estrie and journalists of La Voix de l'Est (see attached links below)

As of January 2018, 45 students from Massey-Vanier High School, Cowansville Secondary III will have access to a unique and free extracurricular program: Aviation Connection's Aviation Training Program (ATP). The number of students will increase to nearly 300 with the addition of the 4th and 5th secondary students in 2019.

In Quebec, the ATP will have a direct impact on more than 1,000 students in 5 schools within the next 2 years. Aviation Connection aims to serve 50,000 students across Canada over the next 10 years. As early as 2019, students enrolled in the ATP will be invited to participate in a virtual aircraft design competition.


Bromont, September 2017

Program Launch:

Aviation connection (La société) Aviation Training Program (ATP) will be presented at the Air show in Bromont on 15-16 and 17 September. Approximately forty students from Massey Vanier School will be present at the Aviation Connection booth to try out the flight simulator that will be available to them starting January 2018. The participants to the program will be invited to fly onboard the small aircraft destined to the program and on which they will learn the basic principles of aviation during 3 years.

Canada, August 2017

Aviation at the service of education:
Aviation Connection promotes the PFA in several provinces and territories, inviting young people to visit planes and fly!

Cowansville, July 2017

We are pleased to announce that Cowansville Massey-Vanier High School students 3, 4 and 5 will benefit from Aviation Connection's aviation training program starting in January 2018.

Both, The Val-des-Cerfs and Eastern Townships school boards have welcomed this innovative program, destined to encourage young people to take an interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The Municipality of Cowansville is behind this great initiative and a proud partner for the next 3 years.

Cowanswille, June 2017

The Aviation Connection Aeronautical Training Program (ATP) offered at no charge to Massey-Vanier High School students: Secondary 3 & 4 in Cowansville, Quebec set to begin January 2018.

Beloeil, December 2016

The Aviation Connection team appreciates the generosity of Mr. Real Savaria of Boucherville, Quebec, who, by way of the donation of his aircraft, an American General AA-1B Trainer, has contributed directly to the implementation of the first Aeronautical Training Program in a class of high school students in Quebec.

Mr. Savaria, an engineer and a teacher, understands the challenges facing our society and the importance of generating qualified young professionals armed for the future.

Trois-Rivières, November 19th 2016

Michel Paradis from Lac Kénogami, Saguenay, QC donated his PA-16 aircraft to Aviation Connection, represented by its President, Camil Dumont.

This gesture is extraordinary. This young man is very generous. Aware of his chance of being able to fly and reaching a career that allows him to do so, he was influenced by his father who passed on to him his passion for aviation and amateur aircraft construction, by this gesture he wants to sensitize young people and encourage them to make the necessary efforts to access a good quality of life by taking control of their future.

''Young people always follow role models, my role model is my father! Aviation Connection has taken the pole and I am very pleased to contribute to their efforts so that young people have a bright future and that our society continues to shine in the world of aviation at the international level.'' - Michel Paradis

Thank you Michel!