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The Board of Directors

Camil Dumont, President & Founder

Passionate about aviation since he was very young, he became a pilot in 1978. Camil took every opportunity to share his passion with the young.

As the leader of largest group flying events, since 2000, he always made sure kids were invited to meet pilots and share great moments visiting planes and sharing stories, sometimes taking flight ! Kids love planes !

In 2007, he formed Aviation Connection, a non-profit organisation, trustee of the Governor General’s Cup, created in 1953 by the Honorable Governor Vincent Massey.

In 2008, with the financial support of Bombardier Aeronautics and International Air Rally, he launched the Aviation Connection Pilot Mentor Program, which allows young pilots engaged in professional training to accumulate more than 25 hours of flight all expenses covered with the support of a Mentor.

This training was highly appreciated by several employers who took into consideration not only the number of hours but especially the international flight experience earned under this program, unique in North America.

From 1990 to April 2017, Camil managed the portfolios of a clientele, companies and individuals, in partnership with several Canadian Financial Institutions.

His experience as a support teacher at the University of Ottawa and teacher at the College Vanier and College André Laurendeau in Montreal mixed with his experience in aviation and passion, laid a good foundation for the Aeronautical Training Program.

The success of the program lays on the strength of the team and Camil is proud to work with a group of passionate people like him aiming at great results.

Catherine Tobenas, Managing Director

As a co-founder of the Aviation Connection Aeronautical Training Program, Catherine has been involved in the development and direction of the organization since its inception. Rich in professional and personal experiences acquired since the age of 20 in various countries, including 10 years in the United States, specialized in International Trade, she holds several important positions in various companies.

Experience is a mode of constitution of knowledge: our experiences guide our choices and decisions, our know-how and our behavior.
This is the foundation of the Aeronautical Training Program to which I am very happy to contribute.

Christian Tremblay, Director

Christian has been a private pilot for fifteen years and has joined Aviation Connection board in 2012. Christian is passionate about flying and enjoys building light aircraft. Christian was a Director at the Recreational Aircraft Association (RAA 415), Canadian chapter based at St-Hubert. He is working on 2 recreational aircraft: A CH640 from Zenith Aircraft (in aluminium) and an amphibian aircraft, an Osprey II (wood and fiber glass). Christian know very well challenges and joys of recreational aircraft buildings projects.

IT Manager Banque Nationale,
Private Pilot since 2003

Jean-Denis Marcellin, Director

Jean-Denis Marcellin is a professional pilot by career, but a versatile communicator by profession. He loves to connect with new pilots, to share his passion for aviation. Outside of work, he dedicates his free time to promoting Aviation and, more particularly, specializes in CRM through the proper understanding of the Human Factor and Leadership in the cockpit.

Philippe Paulez, Director

Philippe Paulez is a CPA, CA working for Ernst & Young as an auditor since 2012. From his experience, he gained knowledge from various industries and distinguishes himself by his ability to adapt and desire to learn. He is happy to put his skills at the service of Aviation Connection in order to help young students in their pursuit of excellence and a promising future.

CPA, CA, Senior Accountant II Ernst & Young


Robert Dewar

Robert Dewar, is an example of determination, well positioned to acknowledge the need to promote aerospace careers and build tomorrow’s workforce.

Head of Customer Support and Head of Engineering

David Rancourt, Eng. jr, PhD

Mr. David Rancourt is an assistant professor at the Université de Sherbrooke since January 2017. His research interests include aircraft design (aircraft, helicopters, drones), electric propulsion and systems engineering. He is Director of the Sherbrooke Institute of Design and Training in Aerospace Engineering (IFC-GAS). David graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta with a PhD from his research on the development of a new electric propulsion helicopter. Pilot for more than 16 years, he has been involved in the Air Cadet Program since 2004. David participated as an engineer (and test pilot) of the aircraft ÉPERVIER, a single-seat aircraft made of composite materials.Dr. Rancourt will contribute his expertise to the development of the Aeronautical Training Program.

Assistant Professor, CREATEK Research Group
Faculty of Engineering, Sherbrooke University

Antoine Moreau

Conceptual aircraft designer, Antoine holds a Master’s Degree in aerospace engineering from the ”École de Technologie Supérieure” (ÉTS) and a DESS from UQAM in transportation equipment design. His work experience includes Bombardier Aerospace, GE Aviation and Aeronautic Development Corporation. He has worked as a certification specialist on the Seawind 300C in St-Jean sur Richelieu. He is also a private pilot and aviation enthusiast since his early childhood. Mr. Moreau contributes his expertise and experience to the development of the Aeronautical Training Program.

President & Co-Founder, MAD Aerospace

Jean-Luc Pitre

Mr. Pitre has a fifteen year experience as school principal for the Val-de-Cerfs School Board. He has worked in 8 different schools both in primary and secondary.

Focusing on results, dynamic and committed, Jean Luc Pitre collaborates actively with his teachers to interest young students in their studies and improve their academic results. Supported by Science and Technology professors, Mr. Pitre welcomes the ATP program with enthusiasm in his school.

Director of Massey-Vanier School

Julie Edwards, Advisor

Ms. Edwards has spent her entire career with the Eastern Townships School Board. The last thirteen years of which have been as an administrator at the elementary and high school levels.

Never one to accept the status quo, Ms. Edwards’ focus is to improve the experiences of her students through innovative teaching and learning strategies. Having the opportunity to participate in the ATP program not only fits the vision Ms. Edwards has for MVHS but also adds a very exciting piece to the puzzle that is a solid education.

Administrator, Eastern Townships School Board

Sebastien Hochart

Sébastien Hochart is a IT Team Leader and private pilot. His father, Air Traffic Controller, transmitted his passion for aviation to him at a young age. Sebastien is currently completing his commercial pilot license and is working hard to become a pilot instructor. After almost 20 years in computer science designing applications and mentoring team members, Sebastien now shares his knowledge and passion for aeronautics as a ATP instructor with Aviation Connection.

Team leader
Software developer

Pierre Dumont

Having worked in light aviation for more than thirty years, Pierre is an M1 category aircraft maintenance technician. Self-taught and perfectionist, he has done many repairs in areas such as structure (sheet metal and interfacing), painting (partial and complete) and avionics (installation / modification, EMS, EFIS).

Pierre obtained a private pilot license with a night rating, for the simple purpose of understanding and meeting the needs of clients who use his services. He has more than 650 hours of flight on tricycle and classic train. In addition, Pierre was responsible for a maintenance control system for a small helicopter charter company, a system he himself designed and required a good understanding of Transport Canada’s Canadian Aviation Regulations.

Instructor – Mechanic
Aviation Connection – AERO 1

Sébastien Drolet

Owner of Aviation R Goulet since February 2009 with over 18 years of experience in the field of aviation. Project Supervisor C-Check ATR 42/72, Dash 8, Embraer 135/145 170/190, MD 80, CRJ 200, online maintenance on Dash 8, Boing 737 and MD 80. Sébastien explored several facets of aviation to this day. With already 8 years in general aviation as owner, mechanic and avionics specialist, he holds a M1, M2 and private pilot license: An asset for his customers.

Co-Owner Aviation R Goulet
Mechanic M1, M2

Jimmy Turcotte

Owner of Aviation R. Goulet since September 2015 with over 17 years of experience in aviation. Technician and project leader C-Check ATR 42/72, Dash 8, CRJ 200, Embraer 170/190, online maintenance on Dash 8, Boing 737, MD 80. Foreman of a maintenance base on Dash 8 for the guard Dutch coast overseas. Jimmy acquired experience as a representative of the new generation of ATR 600 Overseas. With already 2 years as owner of Aviation R Goulet and as mechanic and structure technician, he holds M1 and M2 licenses, and is a great asset to Aviation R. Goulet.

Co-Owner Aviation R Goulet
Mechanic M1, M2

Michaelle Dumont,

Michaëlle obtained  her Pilot License at the age of 17 and a few months later, she participated in the McKenzie River Air Rally aboard a small plane, Cessna 172 and reaches the Arctic Circle !! Her participation in this annual event as a volunteer allows her to share her passion every year with a group of pilots of various nationalities.

Michaëlle recognizes the advantage of having lived unique experiences that allowed her to surpass herself. The surpassing of oneself is an asset, a vector of improvement and progression which makes it possible to ensure a future up to the expectations. By joining the Aviation Connection team, Michaëlle wants to help young people move towards a bright and promising future.

Advancement Associate
McGill University Advancement

Robert Sirdey

University studies in literature and economics in Paris led Robert Sirdey to a career in Switzerland: Co-creation of Education & Training Corporation and then creation & management of Mediacom, a communication agency in Geneva. Journalist, filmmaker, reporter and pilot, Robert Sirdey has covered the entire world for documentaries and several magazines, including two published by Mediacom itself. His field of expression includes aviation, both in terms of events and techniques. It also includes the design of multimedia teaching programs.

Writer and filmmaker
Communications consultant

Kahina Gagnon

Kahina Gagnon is a private pilot and is currently completing her Commercial Pilot License. She obtained her glider pilot license at age 16 with the Air Cadet Program. Kahina is now a glider flight instructor and trains younger Cadets during the summer. She completed a DEC in Pure Science and wants to make her passion for aviation a career as a commercial pilot. She shares her knowledge with air cadets and as a trainer with Aviation Connection to encourage young girls and boys to persevere in the aeronautics field.

Instructor Aviation Connection